Servicio Ejecutivo, Comisión de Prevención de Blanqueo de Capitales e Infracciones Monetarias

Warning about possible fraud


  • Fraudulent E-mails and letters in the name of Sepblac

Sepblac has detected e-mails that fraudulently use its name and image and which make reference to the false existence of funds to be transferred or that supposedly belong to individuals. These messages indicate that in order to collect money, the supposed beneficiary must previously deposit a sum of money corresponding to taxes, payment of hypothetical certificates (relating to the fight against terrorist financing or money laundering, supposed tax certificates, etc.), inheritance, bank fees, delivery costs or insurance, among others.

Sepblac does not issue any certificates nor decides on the clearance of any fund transfer, and warns that these supposed amounts and transfers of funds are false. Therefore, if you receive a message to do with these subjects, be aware that it is not true.