Financial Intelligence Unit

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Sepblac, once suspicious transactions reports are received from obliged subjects, analyses several information sources and, in those cases in which signs or certainty of money laundering or terrorist financing are detected, produces financial intelligence reports.

In addition, Sepblac performs strategic analysis functions to identify patterns, trends and typologies on money laundering or terrorist financing.

All the information received, processed, maintained or disseminated by Sepblac is suitably protected. Policies in order to ensure its security and confidentiality, including proper procedures for its handling, filing, dissemination, protection and access have been adopted.

The Spanish financial intelligence system has received the highest international rating. The Mutual Evaluation Report by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) points out as one of its “key findings” that “Spain has a well-functioning FIU (Sepblac) which produces high quality operational and strategic analyses“.