Organizational structure

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The functional areas of Sepblac are organized in three Coordinations: Financial Intelligence, Planning, and Supervision and Inspection. Likewise, the Central Financial Intelligence Brigade of the National Police, the Investigation Unit of the Civil Guard and a Unit of the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT by its initials in Spanish) are also assigned to Sepblac.

  • Direction
    • Legal Advice
    • Financial Intelligence
      • Strategic Analysis
      • Analysis I
      • Analysis II
      • International Cooperation
    • Planning
      • Classification and Pre-Analysis
      • Obl. Entities Management and Administration
      • Authorizations
      • Centralized Banking Account Register (FTF)
      • Project Development
      • IT
    • Supervision and Inspection
      • Supervision
      • Inspection
    • Central Financial Intelligence Brigade
    • Investigation Unit of Civil Guard
    • AEAT Unit