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The powers relating to the procurement regime of Sepblac are exercised by the Bank of Spain in the terms established in Circular Interna 4/2018 of that institution.

In this regard, procurement at the Bank of Spain complies with the principles of free competition, freedom of access, publicity and transparency of procedures, non-discrimination and equal treatment of candidates, and the efficient use of resources for the execution of works, the supply of products and the provision of services in such a way that competition not be artificially narrowed down.

The Public Sector Procurement website publishes tenders in progress, contract awards, cancellation notices and any other useful information regarding procurement by the Bank of Spain in relation with Sepblac.

Notices concerning ongoing tenders, considering as such those whose contract notice was published at the procurement website of the Bank of Spain before 8 March 2018, will continue to be published on the Bank of Spain website until their completion.