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For the purposes of Law 10/2010 of 28 April on the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing the following are considered as means of payment:

  • Paper money and coins, domestic or foreign.
  • Bearer cheques denominated in any currency.
  • Any other instrument, including electronic ones, designed to be used as a bearer payment means.
  • In case of cross-border movements, the following shall be also considered as means of payment subject to the obligation of prior declaration:
    • Bearer negotiable instruments, including monetary instruments such as traveller’s cheques.
    • Negotiable instruments, including cheques, promissory notes and payment orders, whether in bearer form, endorsed without restriction, made out to a fictitious payee or any other form in which ownership thereof be transferred on delivery.
    • Incomplete instruments, including cheques, promissory notes and payment orders that are signed but omit the name of the payee.

Provisions regarding movements of means of payments are applicable to neither personal cheques nor registered credit cards or debit cards.